The Parachute Regiment

The Parachute Regiment is one of the most iconic regiments in the British Army.  It was formed in June 1940 during the Second World War as an elite, airborne, infantry regiment.  Along with the Guards, they are the only line infantry regiment of the British Army that has not been amalgamated and has maintained its independence.

Parachute Regiment 16th Airborne Division 1953

Their role as Expeditionary Warfare and Special Forces Support, lends a mystique to the Parachute Regiment. Trained to be resilient, disciplined, versatile, aggressive in battle and self-reliant, their motto is “Utrinque Paratus”.  This is Latin for “Ready for Anything” - and that, is the essence of the Paras!

Incorporating the Para wings into our work was quite a challenge.  As with the regiment itself, we wanted it to come across as a discreet hall mark of quality rather than a brash statement.  The insignia had to be reduced to very small sizes and yet faithfully maintain the detail. We tried a myriad of different techniques but finally settled on two that, we felt, conveyed both the feel and the quality of the Regiment: a stark engraving into Black Agate as well as a 0.2mm depth etching into brushed steel.

Thomas Slim | The Parachute Regiment Blog Article | Drawings

For this core, introductory collection we have introduced a key ring, cufflinks and a pen. The pen in particular comprises over 30 precision-machined components and is beautifully hand-finished in stainless steel and anodised, aircraft-grade aluminium.  For the fountain pen, we selected our favourite Bock nib to offer a wonderful writing experience; and for the roller ball, a lovely soft flowing G2 Parker Gel refil.  The clip is designed to go through over 60,000 cycles of opening and closing with less than 5% diminishment and each structure has passed drop tests from 1m onto concrete.  Each product we make incorporates inlaid Mother of Pearl that can be personalised with an engraved monogram or message of your choice.  Do explore the full Parachute Regiment Collection here to find the most perfect gift for a veteran or serving soldier, for whom the regiment means everything.