At Thomas Slim, we’ve made it our mission to make gift buying a joy again.

With decades of experience in designing and crafting highly precise work for luxury brands, we wanted to bring this expertise to customers looking for something special and completely unique.

The gifts and accessories available in our curated collections are just half of the story.  By adding a monogram or personal message you can transform an item into something beautifully bespoke.

We know that the products we design, craft and hand finish are not quite complete until you have added your words.  That’s what we love about them. Each item is made to order and goes out into the world to be used, loved and treasured because it is so thoughtful and personal.

How is it done?  In our workshop we have traditional tool makers and silversmiths who are highly skilled in handwork.  Their work is complimented by our engineers and machine operators who, with meticulous precision, operate CNC lathes and mills.

It is the combination of these diverse skill sets that bring our products to life.  The QC team track the products on their journey through the workshop to ensure each item meets our high standards.

Many of our accessories feature the distinctive Barley guilloche pattern. Deceptively simple to look at but fiendishly difficult to engrave, our guilloche design requires intricate and precise machine engraving of the finest calibre to achieve the perfect repeating pattern.  Each item that features our Barley guilloche takes hours of work to perfect.

In our Regimental Collections, we have worked with the MoD to produce a range of gifts that honour specific Arms and Corps of the British Armed Forces.  Our designers and craftsmen have painstakingly recreated the line patterns of the time-honoured insignias of each featured regiment, faithfully engraving them in relief into stunning black agate.

Each of the items in our curated collections comes with a complimentary monogram so that you can quickly and simply personalise the gift you have chosen.  Many accessories also come with a beautiful presentation gift box so the gift giving process is made even easier for you.

You may choose to include a longer personal message and we have created a page to give you ideas and inspiration.

You can find our inspiration page here and more on our history and our story here.