Royal Corps of Signals

The origins of the Royal Corps of Signals dates back over 150 years to 1870 and the formation of ‘C’ Telegraph Troop of the Royal Engineers.  However, it was only formally amalgamated into an official Corps of the British Army in 1920 at the behest of Winston Churchill.  Churchill, then Secretary of State for War, saw the critical importance of efficient and clear communication in battle.

This critical role has been borne out in every campaign since, and never more so than now, as Cyber Warfare, 5G Communications and AI are coming to the fore of all modern conflicts.  The need to stay ahead of the curve on Encryption, Cyber Security and IT innovation is proving the role of the Royal Signals to be one of the most critical to the military effectiveness of the British Army today.

The Cap Badge for the Royals Signals was initially devised in 1884 by Major Charles Beresford.  It features Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, with the Motto – Certa Cito - ‘Swift and Sure’ in Latin. 

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