Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words.

We know that when you select a gift from our collection, you may have lots of ideas about a message to include.  Then, when it comes to making a final choice, indecision can set in.

At Thomas Slim we want to make choosing and giving a gift a joyful, fun experience again, with no worry and no stress.

This is why, if you select the option, we include a complimentary engraved monogram on each item you buy.  Your gift is already immediately bespoke, timeless and personal.

Including a longer message costs just £15 and is entirely up to you.  Make it bold, sweet, funny, kind, thoughtful or hilarious.  All messages are individually and expertly engraved by our experienced team of craftsmen and every item is made to order and rigorously checked to make sure it meets our high standards.

To give you some food for thought, we have collected together examples of witty, lovely and clever quotes from a few wise writers you may recognise.  You never know, they may just inspire you.

Sometimes a simple I Love You is enough. When an item is worn close to the body like a necklace, bracelet or cufflinks, these powerful words can transform a gift into a talisman to face the world with. Often only the wearer knows the message is there and it can be a comfort and a keepsake to lighten the heart and bring a smile.

For truly secret missives, explore our range of keyrings with spaces designed for hidden messages. 

For complimentary monograms, we offer a maximum of 5 letters.  If the recipient has several middle names or a double or triple-barreled surname, the combination might just be too long to fit on to the space we’ve allocated for the monogram. One solution many have opted for is to leave the space for the monogram untouched and include the person’s full name along with a personal note, in the space dedicated to the longer message.

If the gift you are choosing is for a long term partner or spouse, but you are struggling with finding the words, do cast your eye over some of the ideas we have below. Many of our customers purchase something for a special someone and over the years, we have engraved some wonderful messages of love and humour.

Our recommendation is to start with a list. Note down any quotes you both love, any words or sayings or exclamations that you use in everyday life that mean more to the two of you than anyone else. The right one to choose will jump from the page and make perfect sense, even if it only makes sense to the two of you!

Is your house a place where keys go walk-about and people ‘borrow’ things and don’t put them back?  Perhaps a gift for yourself is in order?  A stylish keyring monogrammed with your own initials is a subtle way of saying “these are mine, please don’t lose them!”

Many of the products we have are perfect as gifts for wedding party members. A token of thanks from the Bride and Groom can be transformed with the addition of a personal and heartfelt message.

Obviously, you can opt not to include any personalisation at all, the beauty of the Thomas Slim collection is that the choice is entirely yours.

Our most important piece of advice? Take your time. Enjoy the process of browsing, choosing and personalising your gift.

Take a look through our curated collections to find the perfect gift.