From as early as the 13th century there were records of surgeons and physicians being appointed by the English army to attend in times of war but it wasn’t until the 18th century when this service became more formal with the formation of the Army Medical Board in 1793. 

However, it wasn’t until what was learned from the Napoleonic and Crimean wars of the 19th century that the Royal Army Medical Corp was finally established in 1898.

Ever since, the RAMC has been a cornerstone of military healthcare, providing essential medical support to British Armed Forces during times of peace and conflict.

From the trenches of WWI to the modern theaters of warfare, the RAMC has earned a sterling reputation for excellence in battlefield medicine, trauma care and the preservation of life.

The Royal Army Medical Corps Collection features a range of cufflinks and lapel pins as well as pens and hip flasks, all engraved with their iconic crest and motto: In Arduis Fidelis – meaning Faithful in Adversity in Latin.

A perfect way to honour those who dedicated themselves to the survival of others.

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