For over 25 years we have been designing, crafting and engraving accessories for some of the most famous European luxury brands.

During this time we have built a unique workshop and developed a team of highly skilled designers, engineers and craftsmen. Using both traditional and contemporary techniques, honed with years of experience, we bring our clients’ ideas to life.

A love of provenance and an uncompromising attention to detail has always been at the heart of who we are.  We make pieces that are designed to last a lifetime and that build a beautiful patina with age. This commitment to precision, longevity and quality lies at the core of all our work.

The Thomas Slim brand is our way of offering our bespoke craftsmanship directly to customers who are searching for a truly unique and personal gift.

About Us | Thomas Slim

Our product line is very carefully designed and crafted but, in truth, is incomplete. The most important element is the very personal message that we offer to engrave on each piece; a message that transforms it into a unique keepsake.

Using our in-house precision engraving service, customers can use their own words to celebrate someone special, mark an important achievement or simply to say, I love you.

Amidst today’s fast-paced world, we wanted to create something timeless. A gift that captures a precious moment, and keeps it safe forever.