Royal Logistic Corps

The Royal Logistic Corps was officially formed in 1993, but this belies their true history.  Their constituent parts have battle honours stretching out over 300 years and their reach and impact throughout the British Army is great.

With over 40% of their number distributed amongst a myriad of different Regiments, at first glance, the Royal Logistic Corps might seem insubstantial – but, through careful co-ordination, their true impact on our ability to wage war is immeasurable.  Keeping a field army marching, its helicopters flying, its vehicles moving and its tanks and guns firing is the core mission of the RLC. 

For any sustained campaign one of the first tasks for an enemy is to disrupt their opponents resupply chains and drain their front line troops of resources.  From working at the forward edge of every conflict, bringing vital supplies to the front line or working at the heart of humanitarian disaster relief, The RLC is the life blood of any military campaign – highlighted in its motto: We Sustain.

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